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Hi, I am Alison,

I am a numbers geek, organisation queen, living off grid but most of all, a passionate mentor who loves to help other business owners achieve the income of their dreams.

Why I do what I do…

As a qualified Accountant and having lived and breathed numbers for well over 30 years I thought I had my financial life sorted until I was widowed in 2014 and lost almost everything.

We had our financial goals set and were working towards them when BAM!…he was gone.

In debt, no income coming in as I had sold my business to become a full time carer, borrowing money from friends (how embarrasing)……I had to rebuild financially.

It has taken me a fews years and I have learnt many lessons along the way, but I did it!

Not only have I achieved my version of financial flexibility but I have elevated myself personally to become the CEO my business needs.

This is the key to achieving success!

Today I am an active speaker and mentor for small business owners who want to take back control of their finances. Who need support in becoming the person they need to be so they can have a business that will give them the money to acheive their financial goals, all whilst doing what they love.

My nonjudgmental strictly confidential approach allows clients to have 100% accountability whilst gaining significant success around money and their financial situation.



When I am not working with my amazing clients, you will find me:

  • Working on our off-grid farm in Central NSW where I live full time.
  • Hiking the State Forest that surrounds our property.
  • Chilling at home with a cup of tea, some dark chocolate & a good book.
  • Chasing the Kangaroos and Rabbits away from our self sufficient vege garden
  • Keeping the foxes and snakes away from our chickens.
  • Teaching my new pups old tricks (or at the least how to sit, come and stay)