About Me

 Hi, I’m Alison.

I am an accountant and business owner with over 35 years of experience in business development, business finance and process improvement.  As a Money Mentor, I combine my love of finance with my passion for helping others.

My goal is to empower women to take control of their money and improve their financial literacy through meaningful, honest and practical advice.

During my career, I have worked alongside too many people and businesses struggling to stay afloat. I have seen the stress and heavy emotional toll that money and debt can place on families.

I also know from experience how easy it is to slip into trouble, and how quickly it can spiral out of control. 


My Story

My husband and I both earned decent incomes.

We had a mortgage, a car loan and a couple of credit cards. We were in debt, but like many families we were staying afloat. 

Until one day in 2014, when my husband suddenly passed away and my world came crashing down.

I was depressed, grieving and barely functioning, but the bills did not stop coming and the debt did not stop accruing.

I had closed my business to be a carer, so was not earning any income. Our emergency fund was being eaten away. His life insurance took months and did not cover all of the ever increasing debt. 

It was humiliating.

I found myself sinking into a hole.

At rock bottom, I realised that it was up to me to turn things around. I immersed myself in self-development and found the strength to face my problems.

I made a plan, and began to rebuild my life. 

It took time. It was tough. It was confronting.

But I did it.

And you can too.

There is light at the end of the tunnel, no matter how deep it may seem, and I can show you how to get there.

Would you like to know more?