Is this you?

You are self employed yet struggling to make it past a 5 figure income

You went into business thinking you were going to make more money but reality hit, hard

You know you need help in your business but are ashamed or afraid to ask for it

You are looking for that person who knows that it is not all about the money when it comes to having your own business

You have a brain full of dreams but feel you do not have the money to acheive them

You are overwhelmed, not sure which step to take, so you take none at all

would YOU love a financial mentor by your side, 

so you can move forward and start making some decent money? 

Someone who is tough but understanding, kind, non judgmental and works from the head & heart

Someone who has numerous years of experience in small business yet understands you need to live life as well

Someone who has achieved their version of financial success using their business as the vehicle

Well look no further, I’m here!

Alison Walton –  Financial MENTOR 


I work with Service Based Female Entrepreneurs who know the ups and downs of business and are prepared to put in the hard yards to achieve their version of Financial Freedom AND still live life!

I have mentored over 50 women in the past 2 years, with the majority of them still working with me today.

I am NOT a Business Coach!

I am a Financial Mentor who has achieved my own version of Financial Freedom using my business as the vehicle.

I would love to help you achieve yours.

 There are 3 ways you can work with me


3 Month Strategy + Implementation Program – Designed for those who are seeking to gain & maintain financial stability.

This package starts with a deep dive session into your business where we work together to determine where your finances are currently and where you want them to be.

We then work together on a 90-day Action Plan to get you on the road.

You will leave with an intentional focus for each month along with an implementation plan to help you achieve your goal.

During our time together we will:


Establish Strong Financial Foundations including Cash Flow and Forcasting to give you clarity and control around your money.


Create a simple & doable system for profitability, no matter what size your business is, starting you on the road to financial freedom.


Upgrade your mindset around money and create pricing & packages in alignment with your financial goals.

So How Does 1:1 Financial Mentoring Work?


  • Prior to our 1st session, you will be asked to complete an in-depth questionnaire around your business & personal finances along with your money habits.

  • Our 1st meeting is a 90 minute deep dive into your business & personal financial goals. A 90 Day Action Plan will be designed to start you on your road to Financial Independence.

  • Over the course of the 3 months together you will have access to me for a total of 6 hours excluding our initial session.  These could be  6 x 1-hour sessions, or weekly 30min sessions. Whatever you feel will work best for you.

  • You will also have unlimited access to me via Voxer.


Invest in Yourself and Watch your MONEY Grow!


Option 1 – $2,999 paid in full

Option 2 – 3 x $1,100 payments


Financial Mentoring is all about YOU!



It’s definitely NON JUDGEMENTAL! (I mean we have all been up the proverbial creek without a paddle at some stage in our lives, yes?)

It’s an OPPORTUNITY to finally get your finances under control with an experienced Financial Mentor! One who has been exactly where you are now and has the Tshirt to prove it!

Its time to make the desicion to finally take control of your money.




My VIP sessions are a quick, condensed version of my 3 month program for service based entreprenuers who want it done NOW and are prepared to put in the work to achieve quick results.


Are you ready to level up your business finances?

Do you have an unquenchable thirst to finally take control of your business finances once and for all?


A VIP Session will give you an easy to implement plan to manage your business finances with ease.

These sessions are intense and to the point – no fluff involved!

Yes, it will involve some work from you at the start but, you will get results when you follow my plan!

Conducted online via Zoom, you will receive a recording at the end for you to refer back to at any time.

Also included is my ‘Elevate Your Profit’ workbook which is a step by step guide in setting up your business finance systems & processes.

PLUS you will have 30 days access to me via Voxer.


It’s time!

Take Control of your business finances NOW with the help of a Financial Mentor by your side.


Each 2 hour session is $999.



Virtual CFO

A DONE FOR YOU Accounts Management Service!

Running a successful business all comes down to how you manage your money. 

Engaging my Virtual CFO services gives you the freedom to build your business knowing you have a seasoned professional bookkeeper by your side, every…single…day!

So what’s in it for you?

  • All of your day to day Bookkeeping – sorted!
  • Access up to date Financial data at the click of a button.
  • Regular Financial Coaching Meetings where we review your financial data together.
  • Maintained cash flow all year round.

You will walk away with:

  • Clarity & Confidence around your money
  • Real time data to make those important financial decisions with ease.
  • Profit Elevating Strategies implemented and managed for you.

You Choose the package

Every business is different and requires different accounts management services. My services and packages are all interchangeable and customisable to suit YOUR business!

From just Payroll or Bank Reconciliations to the whole enchilada, I can assist you with your Accounts Management needs!

Click here for more information on our packages.