Running your business and doing what you love is one thing

But having access to a seasoned Financial Literacy Coach who can guide you along the way….

That’s something else!

You have done the mindset work and tapped that shiz out till your fingers are sore.
You understand your money story and why you are wired that way
AND you are now making money!


You are over having inconsistent cash flow,

Tired of the stress of not having enough money to pay your bills, Got that niggly feeling that you will never hit those money goals,

You are wondering if it is all worth it…

Discover how you can finally master your business finances and make them work for you!

It IS possible to build the business of your dreams, AND have the money you need to support your ideal life.

Becoming financially flexible is not hard BUT it does require commitment.

Like any goal, it requires time, effort, discipline, and a strategy. Having someone hold your hand along the way is the cherry on the top!

What would happen if you never learned how to Master your Money?

How would your life be?

It would suck, BIG TIME!

It would suck the happiness, enjoyment, energy, and pleasure out of your life.

Is that what you want?

Is that what you went into business for?

Do you really want to be working until you are too old to enjoy the fruits of all of your hard work?

It is never too late to start.

Imagine where you would be if you start NOW!

Money Mastery Academy is designed for you to take action to determine what you actually need to do in your business to get the needle moving and implement those actions/strategies so that you have a profitable business within a few months.

Money Mastery Academy will help you to:

Determine the habits that will assist you in becoming the owner of your business needs.

Look at your Financial Foundations, learn how to read your Financial Reports and how to make strategic decisions from them that will give you the finances you desire.

Learn and Implement the strategies required to maintain a regular, Consistent Cash Flow.

Be well on your path to Financial Flexibility.

You deserve to KEEP your hard earned MONEY

But what’s your plan to make it happen?

Burying your head is NOT the answer. Change starts with KNOWLEDGE + HABITS

What is holding you back from 
a life of financial flexibility?

You make your financial decisions based on your bank balance.

You live in a constant cycle of “feast or famine” and find yourself unable to pay your bills on time.

You are making money in your business but can’t seem to keep much of it.

You are embarrassed about the current financial situation in your business and not sure how to fix it.

You know you need help but are not sure how to approach it.

If you resonate with any of these, you are in the right place.

These feelings are all too common in business and affect entrepreneurs like you every single day. But it is possible to change your money management system and completely change your financial future.

Remember this, You are not alone!

There are 1,000’s of business owners in the same boat.

Money Mastery Academy
is a comprehensive weekly training program that teaches practical money management strategies to entrepreneurs who want to take control of their business finances.

Whether you’re just starting out or you have an established business,

Money Mastery Academy
will empower you around
your finances

It is a step by step, proven system that allows you to finally take control of your money

So how is Money Mastery Academy delivered?

It is a 3 month live, online, comprehensive program held in a group environment via a private Facebook Group.


Weekly live training with Alison Workbook, Templates, PDFs

Private community of amazing, supportive entrepreneurs going through the same journey as you

3 Months of Weekly Training Covering

The Daily Success Formula

Building habits for success. We deep dive into who YOU are as a business owner. Remember, your mind is the number one tool in your business, it needs to be in tip-top shape if you are to achieve your financial goals.

Business Spanx

Learn the necessary financial foundations you need for a smooth, streamlined & profitable business.

Money Mapping

We dive into where your money is going, your profitable income streams, how much profit you are actually making, and measuring key metrics to make strategic financial decisions.

Show Me the Money

I will teach you the system I used to get back in control of my money. You will always have money to pay your bills and more importantly, pay yourself without stress.

and that’s just for starters…

Are you prepared to:

Fully show up for yourself and your business, dive deep and commit to change,

Finally take responsibility for your business finances.

Do the work to make the necessary changes to your business

Join Money Mastery Academy Now and start taking ownership of your business finances!

But wait there is more and no it is not a set of steak knives!



In addition to the course content, we will:

Have a 1:1, 30 min Private Monthly Money Date – I will work with you personally, via zoom, on what numbers you need to track and move to gain and maintain control of your money.

Set actionable items using a 30 Day Plan every single month

Complete a Business Audit in each department of your business to determine what is working and what is not.

All calls are recorded and accessible at any time via our online portal.

Alison Walton’s Money Master Academy will give you…..


Elevated Habits to Become the CEO your Business Needs

A Stress-free Money Management System

Increased Profit without increasing sales

A step by step process to becoming Financially Flexible.

Money Mastery Academy
is for you if…..

You are earning money but struggling to manage it or it is going out as quickly as it comes in.

You went into business thinking you were going to make lots of money but reality hit…hard.

You know you need guidance around your finances but are too ashamed or afraid to ask for help

You are looking for that person who understands where you are currently; someone who has been there before and has done the work. Someone who totally gets how you are feeling, the frustration and embarrassment.

You are overwhelmed and not sure which step to take next, so you take none at all.

You’re stuck. You know you can earn more but you need that kick up the proverbial butt to get the needle moving.

Money Mastery Academy
is NOT for you if…..

You are not prepared to put in the work that is required to set up the systems & habits to achieve financial flexibility.

You are happy struggling week to week to make ends meet.

You have no goals to be financially flexible.

You are happy relying on someone else for your financial future.

Money Mastery Academy is a Step by Step process to help you achieve your financial goals with a Financial Mentor by your side every step of the way.

This program will give you the strategies and support to start you on the journey to YOUR version of Financial Flexibility.

Still not sure if it is for you? Then, I offer you a

14 Day Moneyback Guarantee

If, after two weeks in the Money Mastery Academy and our community, you decide that it is not for you, just let me know and I’ll refund 100% of your payment with no questions asked, no hard feelings!

That is how confident I am in the quality of this program!

Try it out.

If it isn’t for you, then you have not lost a cent!

What to look for in a Money Mastery course:

A coach with good money habits.

A coach who has been there, done that, and got the T-shirt to prove it.

A supportive community (that is there to support you even when the course is over)

Accountability from the coach and community.

I have worked with

Business Coaches



Interior Designers

Health & wellness professionals

Life Coaches



Hairdressers & Beauticians

This program is for any
Service Based Business.

This course works!



I know you’re feeling scared, nervous, or skeptical – that’s okay and actually quite normal. Money is a very personal thing and something we do not tend to share with others.

Be rest assured that all training and conversations are held with the utmost confidentiality. All members are required to sign a confidentiality agreement prior to starting.

The 2023 Financial Year is the time to start Mastering your Money 

How long is the course?

This program runs for 3 months from July to September 2022. There is weekly training in addition to a monthly 1:1 call with me personally.

How do you keep me accountable?

During our 1:1 calls, we will set Action items that I will keep you accountable to during these calls and within the Private Group.

I am an established business owner already earning good money? Will I still learn anything new?

This program is not about earning more money but about managing it to give you more in your back pocket.

I have just started out in business, will this be a good idea?

Money Mastery Academy is for all levels of business, whether you are a start-up or a seasoned entrepreneur. Joining whilst being a start-up will set you up with good financial foundations in your business.

Will this course address my specific challenges?

Your specific challenges will be addressed during our 1:1 monthly call.

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